Kid's Shark Fishing
During June, July and August, the Gypsy will leave Palmetto Bay Marina for an exciting 2 hour shark fishing trip for kids! During this trip we will be fishing in the calm, inshore waters of Calibogue Sound for a variety of sharks including Hammerhead, Bonnethead, Blacktip, Atlantic Sharpnose and Bull sharks. All sharks will be released back into the water.  While we are out on Calibogue Sound we usually see Atlantic Bottlenose Dolphins as well as pelicans, osprey, blue herons and other wildlife that call Hilton Head home. As we cruise out to the fishing grounds the first mate will cast a net to catch mullet and menhaden for bait (the sharks favorite food).  The price of the trip is $30 for adults and $35 for children. Only the kids will be fishing on this trip and parents are welcome to help if needed. Reservations are necessary (Mondays are the least crowded) Departs South Beach Marina. Call 843-363-2900 for departure times and reservations.

Kid's Cruise
Monday through Friday during June, July, and August, the Gypsy leaves Palmetto Bay Marina for a two-hour cruise of the coastal waters bordering Hilton Head Island. The cruise is especially designed to provide hands-on experience for children interested in the creatures that live above and below the coastal waters of our area.

During this cruise, kids will have a chance to:
Throw a cast net for bait fish and shrimp! This looks easy but you may be surprised. Don’t be embarrassed is if you can’t do it on the first try. Pull a crab pot! Many local people make a living crabbing. Pots are baited and pulled on a regular basis. We’ll bait them, let’s see what you catch! Fish for shark! We will have fishing poles aboard and if you catch a shark we will release it, to help preserve the species. Maybe you’ll catch him again next year! Spot a Dolphin! The dolphins of the coastal waters are friendly and curious. Many times they will come up to the boat to see what we are doing and get a look at you! Ask Questions! Our captain and crew have a great deal of knowledge about our area and the creatures that inhabit it. They don’t get stumped too often! Wear old clothes! You might get wet! You might get muddy! You might even get slimy! So don’t show up in the designer outfit you intend to wear to dinner tonight. The number of people on this cruise is limited so that all kids can participate. The cruise price is $35 for children and $30 for adults. Call 843-363-2900 for reservations (Mondays are the least crowded).

Reservations are can be made online. The Gypsy is available for private charter. Please contact us for rates.

HOBO Located at Shelter Cove Marina

DRIFTER & Boomerang each located in Pametto Bay Marina